Quick Hits with Bobby Basham, Cubs Director of Player Development

A special thanks to Bobby Basham, Chicago Cubs Director of Player Development for graciously answering questions about Cubs prospects and Player Development operations.

Prelude: The opportunity to gain any insight into the inner workings of a major league organization has always been a fascination of mine. Ever since I was able to attend the occasional Cubs Convention and get a chance to ask questions of the Player Development staff or ask former Cubs Scouting Director Tim Wilken for a few moments of his time, the ability to peak behind the curtain was one that I cherished. Even when I wasn’t the one directing the questions, I never miss a podcast or interview with scouting or player development Cubs executives. Writing has opened up additional communication avenues, allowing for more open conversation about prospects and the player development or scouting infrastructure. I hope to bring that to the audience who shares that same drive to lean more about the inner workings of the Cubs organization.

Cubs Director of Player Development, Bobby Basham, provided an insightful look into the Cubs plans for the 2021 season. You can check that interview out here. In part 2 of our interview, our discussion naturally shifted to discuss specific players. I was intrigued not only in the progress that some players made throughout the shutdown, but also for broad views of how the Cubs plan to work with player(s) in future development.

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